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Bytes of Bread

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                             Bytes of Bread has a list of coming events
                             & a short bible study for you to enjoy

Don't Leave Him

Jesus will never give up on you.

Some of the crowd who followed Jesus still didn't believe. We're told, "Jesus had known from the beginning which of them did not believe and who would betray Him…From this time many of His disciples turned back and no longer followed Him" (John 6:64,66).

Do you think that includes Judas? Judas was still part of the Twelve even in the upper room the night before Jesus died, yet in his heart and soul it's very possible that Judas-right here-turns away.
And Jesus knew it. He knew right at this moment that Judas would be a traitor. Jesus knew even a few years ago when He was deciding whether or not to call Judas as a disciple that Judas would betray Him. And still, Jesus chose him. Still, Jesus loved him.

We want to scream out to Jesus, "He's not worth saving!" but Jesus knew that about Judas, and knows that about us. Jesus knows I will betray Him again with my sins, and He still loves me. I'm not worth saving. You're not worth saving. Jesus knows that. But He loves us anyway. He never gave up on Judas, even to the end, and Jesus will never give up on you.

So don't leave His life-changing love. Don't turn away from His call to discipleship no matter how difficult. Don't give up learning about Him and from Him so that you can better follow Him and better bring others to Him.

PRAYER: Lord, you have the words of eternal life. We believe and know that you are the Son of God! Amen.

WELS Campus Ministry, Minneapolis, MN

Video Services

Wednesday March 18th
Sunday March 22nd
Psalm 23 
Wednesday March 25th
Sunday March 29th
Bible Study March 31st
Wednesday April 1st
Jesus gives us Peace April 2nd
Sunday April 5th

Sewing Medical Masks
JoAnn Fabrics has the materials for medical masks precut,
as well as elastic - they are not charging for any of the materials.

You can take as many as you need, sew them, and return
them to JoAnn's - they will distribute them to the medical
facilities that need them.

An easy, but very important way to serve Jesus right now -
if you sew and have a sewing machine,
please consider helping in this way.
Here is more
info on their website with patterns.

Sermons are Live on Facebook
Sermons each Sunday are on facebook, share with a friend!
Here is the Lamb of God
youtube channel page. 

We are working on using Zoom for some remote Bible Studies and hope to have that functional by next Sunday - if you do not have a Zoom account, please consider getting one - they are free!

Lord's Supper
Communion available:
We are not having our mini communion services due to the
shelter in place order, but I am still offering private
communion at church for any of our LOG family.
Please text or email me for a time for your family, if you wish.

Pastor Duane Schmeichel


(Click title above)
These Sunday school lessons are available for grades pre-K through 6th. Downloads for each age level include student lessons, a teacher's guide, and a copy master that contains activities like songs, coloring pages, skits, and more for each lesson-everything you need for simple and familiar lessons at home.

Give Offerings Online
It is easy to set up an account and download the app. This will be another way to safely and securely return your gifts of thanks to the Lord. There are small admin fees for each transaction, as there are for any electronic monetary transaction. There is a button to click to cover those small admin fees, if you wish.
You can still mail your gifts to the Lord to church,
or drop them off at church directly. Here is an instructional video on installing and using our new online giving option.

The Lord is seeing us through this time, and will continue to do so.
I look forward to the day we will be able to gather together again
as the body of Christ in person at Lamb of God!

Until then, God's peace to you in Jesus!

Favorite Hymn Sunday
When we gather again together & resume services, we will celebrate favorite hymn Sunday and every member Bible Study. Our Bible Study that day will dig into wisdom and discernment as modeled by young Solomon as he became king of Israel. It will be a blessed day as we all gather around God's word together to grow in his grace. How wonderful it will be to be together again to worship!

We are gathering a team to update and overhaul our church website. We want to streamline, modernize, and have it in position for livestreaming in the near future. We are looking for anyone with website experience, graphic design skills, or media experience. If you are willing to use your gifts to serve Jesus in this special way, please contact our outreach chairman, David Cory at 256-724-2296 or email at

The Lord has blessed us with a gift that has completely redone our sound and video system. We are looking for additional people who wish to use their gifts to serve in that area during our worship services. If you are interested in helping during our services in this special way, please speak to Pastor.

Where Will You Be June 25-28, 2020?

We pray you'll be with us at the 57th Annual Convention of the Lutheran Women's Missionary Society (LWMS) in Athens, Georgia. You'll hear home and world mission speakers as they share their experiences, participate in workshops, and learn how you can support our missions throughout the world. The deadline for early bird registration is April 1st, and you can register by mail or online. After April 1st, the registration fee increases. Go to the LWMS web site for convention details and registration now.

Church Library
You can search online anytime to see what is in our library collection! Here's
the link or you can click on the Church Library link from this LOG Website. About to buy that book from or make a trip to the public library? Wait...check our church library first! We might have it! We now have 186 titles plus 21 DVD's in our collection. If you have a special birthday or anniversary coming up and you would like to donate a book to the church library in honor of a special event or person, please see Gwen Smith at church or
you can e-mail me at
or call me at 256-506-1024. 
To God be the Glory!

Free Items for College Students--
While you sign up for classes and possibly attend orientation on campus, also think about signing up for your course material in spiritual education. The perk: no homework, tests, or papers! Sign up to get both Forward in Christ magazine and Meditations, a book of daily devotions, mailed to you free. When you sign up, you will also be able to get other free, helpful information from WELS Campus Ministry.

Anyone can come to the fellowship room on Fridays (10 AM to noon) and join with others working on their own arts and crafts projects. The Craft Circle is the place to come to relax and work on any sort of project you want to!! Our ladies have worked on cross stitch, knitting, crocheting, embroidery, scrapbooking, quilts, beading and jewelry, or just come and relax~!
Come and join the ladies~feel free to bring a friend. 
She works with her hands in delight...Proverbs 31:13

Bible Reading on the Go!
Would you like a free app for your iphone or ipad for bible reading? The Bible Gateway Bible App offers many wonderful ways to experience Bible reading and Bible study, including:
More than 90 different Bible translations, including NIV. Easy-to-use and reliable Bible search, both online and offline. Daily Bible verse in the translation of your choice Daily Bible reading plans Bible audio in a number of different translations and styles.
Here is the link to
get it at itunes
WELS Connection
Here is the WELS Connection that is played once a month after service if you would like to rewatch it or share with a friend! 

 Lamb of God Coming Events

Good Friday ~ April 10  Worship 7 PM      ONLINE 

Easter Sunday ~ April 12  Festival Worship 10:30 AM     ONLINE