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                             Bytes of Bread has a list of coming events
                             & a short bible study for you to enjoy


In the next couple of weeks I hope to visit the largest Hindu temple in the Twin Cities.  I'm going as part of my ongoing study of Hinduism and to learn more about that religion.  At any rate temples have been on my mind lately.  What's the purpose of a temple?  Well, it's a place to go for a special purpose.  It's a spot and a building dedicated to a god.  It is there that a person worships or does god "stuff."  And of course the very structure is meant to bring glory and praise to whatever god it is dedicated to.
Sometimes I think we Christians treat our churches that way.  We look at them as places where we go to worship and do that God stuff.  It's the place we go regularly to meet with God and we want it to be a place of beauty.  But that's not exactly how God looks at it.  He doesn't see your church building as his temple, he sees you as his temple.  You're the temple.  Wherever you go there the temple is!  Wherever you are that's the place to be worshipping God and serving him.  And whoever sees your life should get an idea how good and great our God is.  Puts life into a different perspective doesn't it? 
Don't you know that you yourselves are God's temple and that God's Spirit lives in you? 
1 Corinthians 3:16

If you have driven by the fields on County Line Road, you have seen it – the corn fields have exploded with growth. Stopped at any farmers’ markets lately? The fresh vegetables, fruits, and flowers are plentiful! You may have your own garden that is producing every day. This is growing season! Continuing to grow in God’s word is a lifelong, continuous process. That is why we continue to offer multiple gatherings to grow in God’s word this summer.

Our Sunday morning schedule continues, with a slight modification in our youth Sunday School, having all our children gather for one lesson together.

We have a Tuesday morning class that meets at 6:30 AM at Gary Anthony’s home. It’s a great way to start your day! Our Wednesday evening class continues to meet at 6:00 PM.

Here’s what we are studying right now:
Sunday Morning: Lessons with Luther – a review of Luther’s Catechism
Tuesday Morning: The Gospel of John. We are using the NPH People’s Bible Commentary.
Wednesday Evening: Lessons with the Messiah – a study of Jesus’ parables and ‘I AM;’ statements.

We continue to plan other gatherings for study. Two that are in the works: An evening group class on the Christian approach to grief. A mid-day Bible Study for those who cannot make early morning or evening classes. If you have any ideas for Bible Studies – books or courses to study, other times and venues for study, please speak to Pastor. God bless your study and growth in the word! 
Camp South: This week long camp is for our younger youth:
4th – 8th grade. They are kept busy with team building, Bible Studies, fellowship, games, and fun! The last week of July we will have six of our youth, Graem and Barak Hahn, Eli and Aiden Smith, Charlie Wheat, and Alaina O’Quinn, attending. Gwen Smith and Pastor Schmeichel will be attending as chaperones. We thank God for these great opportunities for our youth, and we thank you for your support for them to be able to attend these special ministry events!

Our 2nd Annual Fall Festival is just around the corner- just FOUR months! We are looking forward to just as much family fun as last year! Again, I am asking for all the help and support that you can give, whether it is time put into planning, setting up, or working it. We've had our first meeting and we plan on keeping the main hits from last year (i.e. bounce house, costume contest, pumpkin painting, cake walk, tot games, chili cook-off, pumpkin bowling...and more!) plus we are looking into some additional possibilities such as inviting our local police department/K-9 unit for fingerprints, inviting the local media crew, fire department, live music, face paint, balloon artists...just to name a few. If you already know after last year what you want to sign up to do, please let me know starting now. If you missed out last year, please come be a part of this wonderful fellowship and outreach to our community. You won't regret setting aside a few hours on a Saturday, it is worth it! We are also needing some input from our creative youth and adults who might be able to come up with a design logo for our church so we can order t-shirts! If you have little ones that would like to get all dressed up and help us make a short video to advertise this Fall Event, that would be very helpful! Door Prize! Thanks to Becky Tauchen, last year we were able to raise money for the Proclaimers that were sent out. So if anyone has thoughts on a door prize, that would be a neat idea as well. Again this year, we will be asking for those wonderful candy donations! All the food donations and volunteer slots will be put up on sign-up genius, along with quantities. This year we have moved the event so as not to compete with Alabama Football! Put the date on your calendars today, October 26th, 3-6pm, rain or shine! We will be advertising again through Rocketcitymom and requesting food donations for our food pantry. If you would like to attend our planning meetings, it isn't too late! Our next meeting will be in August. If you have ideas or input, advice and encouragement, I'll take that too! Any questions or comments please e-mail Sarah Kohlhoff or Pastor. Thank you so much to all of you, whether through prayer, planning, decorating, cooking, or volunteering, everything turned out so amazing! Look for the sign-up genius in the coming couple months!

Hymns at Heritage
Join us each first Thursday for the monthly hymn sing at the Heritage Care center next door each week at 2:00 pm. We are on their schedule for the first Thursday of each month
 at 2:00 pm.
We meet at church at 1:45, so we can be over there ready to go at 2pm. 

Sermons are Live on Facebook
Sermons each Sunday are on facebook, share with a friend! 

Youth Website
There is a specific website now for the South Atlantic Youth activities. You can register online for our two big youth trips.
Church Library
You can search online anytime to see what is in our library collection! Here's
the link or you can click on the Church Library link from this LOG Website. About to buy that book from or make a trip to the public library? Wait...check our church library first! We might have it! We now have 186 titles plus 21 DVD's in our collection. If you have a special birthday or anniversary coming up and you would like to donate a book to the church library in honor of a special event or person, please see Gwen Smith at church or
you can e-mail me at
or call me at 256-506-1024. 
To God be the Glory!

Free Items for College Students--
While you sign up for classes and possibly attend orientation on campus, also think about signing up for your course material in spiritual education. The perk: no homework, tests, or papers! Sign up to get both Forward in Christ magazine and Meditations, a book of daily devotions, mailed to you free. When you sign up, you will also be able to get other free, helpful information from WELS Campus Ministry.

Anyone can come to the fellowship room on Fridays (10 AM to noon) and join with others working on their own arts and crafts projects. The Craft Circle is the place to come to relax and work on any sort of project you want to!! Our ladies have worked on cross stitch, knitting, crocheting, embroidery, scrapbooking, quilts, beading and jewelry, or just come and relax~! Come and join the ladies~feel free to bring a friend.  She works with her hands in delight...Proverbs 31:13

Bible Reading on the Go!
Would you like a free app for your iphone or ipad for bible reading? The Bible Gateway Bible App offers many wonderful ways to experience Bible reading and Bible study, including:
More than 90 different Bible translations, including NIV. Easy-to-use and reliable Bible search, both online and offline. Daily Bible verse in the translation of your choice Daily Bible reading plans Bible audio in a number of different translations and styles.
Here is the link to
get it at itunes
WELS Connection
Here is the WELS Connection that is played once a month after service if you would like to rewatch it or share with a friend!

Lamb of God Coming Events     
Sunday 7/21 Adult Bible Class & Sunday School 9 AM 
Worship Service w/Communion 10:30 AM

7/22 Council Meeting 6:30 AM 

Monday 7/22 Camp South (through Friday)
Pastor is out of town July 22 through July 26 at Camp South.
Please contact Gary Anthony for any of your needs during this time at 256-325-6968.

Tuesday 7/23 John Bible Study 6:30 AM 

Wednesday 7/24 Bible Study 6 PM 

Friday 7/26 Craft Circle 10 AM

7/27 Men’s Breakfast 7:30 AM 

Sunday 7/28 Adult Bible Class & Sunday School 9 AM Worship Service 10:30 AM

7/29 Elders Meeting 5:30 PM

10/26 Fall Festival 3-6pm