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                             Bytes of Bread has a list of coming events
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Tornadoes, Trailer Parks and Life 

"I'm as happy as a tornado in a trailer park!"  
--Tow Mater 

If I ever have to live through a tornado I don't want to be in a tent or a trailer park or even a basement of a normal house.  I want to be in a castle built with solid rock!  I want a bunker built into a mountainside! 

I want something that will stand no matter what happens! 

There is a longing in the human heart for permanence.  So much of our life is like living in a tent.  When you're in a tent everything changes with the weather.  It's hot outside, it's hot inside.  It's raining outside, it's probably wet inside.  The wind blows strong enough and the tent becomes a sleeping bag.  So it is with our lives.  Our bodies are not permanent.  We are healthy one day and sick the next.  An accident can immediately and drastically change our lives or take them away altogether. 

Isn't it sad that what we long for is so unattainable?

Or is it?  The longing in our hearts is not simply a wish but it is a longing pointing to something.  We long for home, for permanence, for perfect peace.  This is what God intended for us, this is what Jesus went to the cross to win for us.  The resurrection directs us to just that.  We have a permanent home and that home is not here in this state or that country but with our Heavenly Father.  So while we may be in tents now and the wind is getting pretty strong…take heart! 

Someday we will have a true house built by the Master Architect and nothing will bring it down! 

Now we know that if the earthly tent we live in is destroyed, we have a building from God, an eternal house in heaven, not built by human hands.  Meanwhile we groan, longing to be clothed with our heavenly dwelling,…so that what is mortal may be swallowed up by life.  Now it is God who has made us for this very purpose and has given us the Spirit as a deposit, guaranteeing what is to come. 

2 Corinthians 5:1-2, 4b-5

 Grace WELS Church
Milwaukee Wi

Video Services & Bible Studies
Wednesday March 18th
Sunday March 22nd
Psalm 23 
Wednesday March 25th
Sunday March 29th
Bible Study March 31st
Wednesday April 1st
Jesus gives us Peace April 2nd
Sunday April 5th
 Maundy Thursday
 Good Friday
 Easter Sunday
Philippians Bible Study
 WELS Bible Study Videos
 2 Kings 2 Bible Study 
Sunday April 19th
Philippians Live Study
Luke 13 Bible Study
Sunday April 26th
John 15 Bible Study
Psalm 23 Bible Study
John 17 Bible Study
Sunday May 3rd

Psalm 103 Bible Study 
Philippians 4 Bible Study
Romans 8 Bible Study
 Sunday May 10th
Christian Freedom 1 Study

Lesson Guide
Psalm 121 Bible Study
Lesson Guide
Sunday May 17th
Isaiah 41 Bible Study
Christian Freedom 2 Study

Lesson Guide
Acts 1 Bible Study
 Sunday May 24th
1 Peter Bible Study
Christian Freedom 3 Study

Lesson Guide
Psalm 90 Bible Study
Sunday May 31st

 John 16 Devotion
Isaiah 53 Bible Study

Lesson Guide
Isaiah 55 Bible Study
Christian Freedom 4 Bible Study

Lesson Guide
Trinity Sunday June 7th
Matthew 28 Devotion
Christian Freedom 5 Bible Study
Lesson Guide
Genesis 1 Devotion
Worship June 14th
Deuteronomy 11 Devotion

Romans 3 Devotion
Sunday June 21st
Hosea 5 Devotion
 Daniel 1 Bible Study
Romans 4 Devotion
Matthew 5 Bible Study
Worship Sunday June 28th
Romans 5 Devotion
Matthew 6-7 Bible Study
Daniel 2 Bible Study
Exodus 19 Devotion
Worship Sunday July 5th

Jeremiah 20 Devotion
Daniel 2 Continued Bible Study
Romans 5 Devotion

Worship Services

Our prayer is that we can continue worshiping in person without any further setbacks to shelter in place.

We will continue our Facebook Live services, posted to YouTube for the foreseeable future.

Anyone who is not feeling well, is in a higher risk category, or just is not ready to gather in groups, please stay home and worship with us on Facebook and YouTube. 

RSVP if you plan to attend in person. Your RSVP helps us to plan better. That request applies each week, as we have had one or two services where seating became a little tight. We want to ensure your safety as you come into God's house.

July 12th Service
Sunday July 12 will be an ONLINE ONLY service.
Pastor Schmeichel will be in Michigan for his nephew's installation as a new pastor. The service for that day will be posted on Facebook and YouTube early on Sunday morning. Your family is invited to worship at a time that is best that day.  We will also give you links to some of our surrounding WELS congregations online worship services. Regular, limited in-person worship will resume July 19, Lord willing.

God continues to give us opportunities to join in studying his word. Our Sunday studies are suspended for the time being,
but we are continuing the Very Important Chapter series through video. Our Tuesday class meets at Gary Anthony's
Tuesday mornings at 9:00 AM - we are beginning a study of the gospel of Luke. Our Wednesday Bible Study is studying
the book of Daniel. It meets Wednesday at 6:00 PM via Zoom invitation emailed to you. The recorded Bible Study is also
available on our YouTube and Facebook pages, in case you are unable to join us live. We pray that God continues to bless
your study of his word.

Sermons are Live on Facebook
Sermons each Sunday are on facebook, share with a friend!
Here is the Lamb of God
youtube channel page.

We will continue our online worship services exclusively
for the next several weeks until we have another update. 

Lord's Supper
RSVP if you plan to attend the Lord's Supper.
Your RSVP helps us to plan better. That request applies each week, as we have had one or two services where seating became a little tight. We want to ensure your safety as you come into God's house.

Private communion at church is available for any of our LOG family. Please text or email me for a time for your family, if you wish.
Pastor Duane Schmeichel

Prayers for East Fork Mission
Prayers are requested for our East Fork Lutheran Mission and Schools. The COVID virus has hit that economically deprived area especially hard. They are approaching the new school year and are in need of a number of items. I am waiting for more information that I can pass along to you.

In the meantime we pray for the faculty and staff, as a number of them have contracted the virus. Their 5th grade teacher is currently hospitalized, their secretary has been affected. Gary Anthony's son, Scott and his family serve at this mission. He and his family are currently quarantined, awaiting test results after showing symptoms.

Lord of all, you are the One who cares for us in this world filled with sin and sickness. We ask for your care and protection on this important ministry, and those who serve you in this ministry. Keep them safe and in your tender care. Provide the care and resources they need to safely face this crisis. Use us and our brothers and sisters in Christ as your tools for assistance. We place them in your hands and ask you to care for them according to your eternal good will. In the name of Jesus. Amen.


If you would like a mask to fit your child, please contact Maggie Peebles. She custom makes them.


(Click here)
These Sunday school lessons are available for grades pre-K through 6th. Downloads for each age level include student lessons, a teacher's guide, and a copy master that contains activities like songs, coloring pages, skits, and more for each lesson-everything you need for simple and familiar lessons at home.

Give Offerings Online
It is easy to set up an account and download the app. This will be another way to safely and securely return your gifts of thanks to the Lord. There are small admin fees for each transaction, as there are for any electronic monetary transaction. There is a button to click to cover those small admin fees, if you wish.
You can still mail your gifts to the Lord to church,
or drop them off at church directly. 
Here is an instructional video on installing and using our new online giving option.

The Lord is seeing us through this time, and will continue to do so.
I look forward to the day we will be able to gather together again
as the body of Christ in person at Lamb of God!

Until then, God's peace to you in Jesus!

Camp South
Be on the lookout for devotions, songs, and
Bible studies the week of July 20-24.””

Here is the link for info

Forward in Christ Article
This months Forward in Christ has a 
great article about Larry and Sue Povinelli!
Here is
a link to the article.

We are gathering a team to update and overhaul our church website. We want to streamline, modernize, and have it in position for livestreaming in the near future. We are looking for anyone with website experience, graphic design skills, or media experience. If you are willing to use your gifts to serve Jesus in this special way, please contact our outreach chairman, David Cory at 256-724-2296 or email at

Church Library
You can search online anytime to see what is in our library collection! Here's
the link or you can click on the Church Library link from this LOG Website. About to buy that book from or make a trip to the public library? Wait...check our church library first! We might have it! We now have 186 titles plus 21 DVD's in our collection. If you have a special birthday or anniversary coming up and you would like to donate a book to the church library in honor of a special event or person, please see Gwen Smith at church or
you can e-mail me at
or call me at 256-506-1024. 
To God be the Glory!

Free Items for College Students--
While you sign up for classes and possibly attend orientation on campus, also think about signing up for your course material in spiritual education. The perk: no homework, tests, or papers! Sign up to get both Forward in Christ magazine and Meditations, a book of daily devotions, mailed to you free. When you sign up, you will also be able to get other free, helpful information from WELS Campus Ministry.

Bible Reading on the Go!
Would you like a free app for your iphone or ipad for bible reading? The Bible Gateway Bible App offers many wonderful ways to experience Bible reading and Bible study, including:
More than 90 different Bible translations, including NIV. Easy-to-use and reliable Bible search, both online and offline. Daily Bible verse in the translation of your choice Daily Bible reading plans Bible audio in a number of different translations and styles.
Here is the link to
get it at itunes
WELS July Connection
Here is the WELS Connection that is played once a month after service if you would like to rewatch it or share with a friend! 

Lamb of God Coming Events

Wednesday 7/8 Bible Study 6 PM Online

Sunday July 12 Online Worship only
View on youtube or facebook 

Tuesday 7/14 Bible Study @ Gary's 9 AM


Madison, AL 256-929-2482